Marvel Adventures Spider-Man: The Animated Series is a television series stars Spider-Man. Created by Billy2009. This series will bollow elements from The Amazing Spider-Man Comics, the Webspinngers: Tales of Spider-Man Comics, the Marvel Knights Spider-Man Comics, the Untold Tales of Spider-Man Comics, the Spider-Man's Tangled Web Comics, the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics, the Spider-Man Unlimited Comics, the Spider-Man: The New Avenger Trilogy, The Sensational Spider-Man Comics, The Amazing Spider-Man Trilogy, The Spectacular Spider-Man Comics, the Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Comics & the Spidey Super Stories Comics.

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Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

# Title Story Original Air Day Directed by Written by Villains
1 "Here Come Spider-Man" The Burglar
2 "Spidey Meets the Spoiler" Kingpin, Enforcers, Spoiler
3 "The Hunt" Kraven the Hunter, Bank Robbers
4 "Mysterious" Mysterio
5 "The Kingpin of Crimes" Kingpin, Enforcers
6 "The Wings of the Vulture" Vulture, Bank Robbers
7 "Enter the Chameleon" Chameleon, Hammerhead
8 "The Eight Arms of Dr. Octopus" Dr. Octopus, Enforcers
9 "Shocking" Shocker
10 "Boomerang Hammerhead, Gentleman, Boomerang
11 "The Spider and the Scorpion" Scorpion
12 "The Terrible Threats of the Living Brain!" Living Brain
13 "Enter: Electro" Electro
14 "The Horns of the Rhino!" Gentleman, Rhino
15 "The Sand of Crimes" Sandman, Bank Robbers, Hammerhead, Kingpin
16 "Enforcement" Enforcers, Gentleman, Kingpin, Hammerhead, Tombstone
17 "Spider-Man vs. The Green Goblin" Green Goblin, Kingpin
18 "Six Against One" Sinister Six
19 "Venom Pt. 1: All in Black" Kingpin, Chameleon, Bank Robbers, Hammerhead, Enforcers, Gentleman, Tombstone
20 "Venom Pt. 2: Redemption" Kingpin, Chameleon, Scorpion, Hammerhead, Enforcers, Gentleman, Tombstone, Venom (Only appears in the end)
21 "Venom Pt. 3: Spidey Meets Venom" Kingpin, Venom, Enforcers, Hammerhead, Gentleman, Tombstone, Silvermane, Bank Robbers, Scorpion
22 "The Beetle" Beetle, Bank Robbers
23 "Spidey Meets Speed Demon" The Gentleman hires the speedster Speed Demon to slow Spider-Man down. Meanwhile, Peter tells Mary Jane about his secret identity as Spider-Man. Speed Demon, Gentleman
24 "The Gentleman" Spider-Man finally begins the final battle between himself and the Gentleman and plan to stop him and his crimes, once and for all. Gentleman
25 "The Goblin Wars Pt. 1" After the defeat of the Gentleman, Peter goes on a date with Gwen which as Spider-Man battles the returning Green Goblin. During the fight, another goblin appears and named the Hobgoblin. The two goblins battles to prove who is the greatest goblin of all time while Spider-Man must end this madness, once and for all. Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Enforcers, Hammerhead, Bank Robbers, Tombstone, Silvermane
26 "The Goblin Wars Pt. 2" Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Enforcers, Hammerhead, Tombstone

Season 2 Edit

# Title Story Original Air Day Directed by Written by Villain
27 "Where Crawl the Lizard" Lizard, Bank Robbers
28 "H2O" Hydro-Man, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Kingpin
29 "Goom Got Game" Street, Goom
30 "Monster Mash" Frankenstein's Monster
31 "Spidey Jumps the Thumper" Thumper
32 "The Spider, the Spoiler and the Scorpion" Spoiler, Scorpion, Bank Robbers
33 "Attacks of the Sinister Syndicate" Sinister Syndicate
34 "The Black Cat" Kingpin, Enforcers
35 "The Chameleon Caper" Chameleon
36 "Double Troubles" Scorpion, Electro
37 "Hammerheaded!" Hammerhead, Tombstone, Enforcers
38 "Lightmaster" Lightmaster
39 "The Strike of the Tarantula" Gentleman (Mentioned and flashbacks), Tarantula, Bank Robbers
40 "

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