Leo Cheung is a chinese drug trafficker and the main antagonist of spider man.He is Ma feng's right man.two portraying a straight man to Ma Feng's over the top actions. it was also said he was addicted to Pot.Leo quickly becomes annoyed by Ma Feng's violent outbursts which have given the triad a bad name.He later betrays Ma Feng and secretly hatches a plot behind her back to kill her.Ma Feng has warned Spider man that america has made Leo greedy and Leo might very well plan to kill spiderman as well.Leo lures spider man to an abandoned warehouse in Bensonhurst Brooklyn bhowever it is a trap as Leo orders his men to kill Spiderman.Spiderman quickly dispatches of the men and meets Leo at the rooftop Leo then introduces his new partner Dr Octopus.Spiderman than has an epic battle and kills both Leo and Dr.Octopus in cold blood