Iron Insect.

Johnathan or Iron Insect is a good hearted, challanging, but caring times. One night changed all that when he became the Iron Insect. People he knew became enemies, even himself..He lives two lives at once, something alomost every superhero must do. Something Johnathan can't..

Creation Of Iron InsectEdit

One night while sleeping, Johnathan was aubducted by aliens one night. They took him in a room with suits of strange powers. He figured out, that he was a test subject for one of thier suits. He was forces to put on a strange insect-like suit and it immediatly attaches on to him. The Aleins freak out and try to destroy him. But Johnathan escapes by accidently flying out and destroying the ship. Thus, when he relaxed, the suit came off and turned into a wrist watch. Whenever Johnathan pressed it, the suit would get back on him.


Johnathan is a caring person. He wants to keep New York safe. He can be irritated by the numerous amounts of criminals in the city has. He can get angey or mad when he's stressed out from being Iron Insect.

Suit PowersEdit

Iron Insect can fly great distances. He has paralyzing orbs that blast from his wrist. Night Vision from his helmet. Can jump farther and higher than a normal human, jumping to 20 ft. Great agility and stealth. Even though he rarley likes being stealthy.