Hobgobbler Roderick Turksley

Roderick Turksley AKA The Hobgobbler with his "associate" Norman Osfeather.

Roderick Turksley was an associate of Norman Osfeather. He mysteriously became the Hobgobbler, but is was suggested by Peter Puppy that he was transformed into this by Osfeather's alter ego, The Green Gobbler.Nobody knew the reason Osfeather would do this to a friend, an Peter just guessed the Green Gobbler formula, also known as the bird-green, and ocassionally just described as The Bird-Seed, blocked memories of his friendship with Turksley out. Turksley's earliest encounter with Spider-Hound was when the pup stopped him from attacking his competitor, the mobster in disguise known as Wilson Fished, AKA The Kingfish of Crime!

Further InfoEdit

After Turksley was caught, his follower Ned Fleas, took up the name of Hobgobbler. At first he thought no one would suspect a dog to be the real Hobgobbler, as the Hobgobbler was a turkey, until Peter Puppy suspected that a different kind of animal must be the real Hobgobbler. Ned didn't worry too much until the discovered the Green Gobbler bird-seed hidden in Ned's camera-bag.