Hellbent is a Marvel story line featuring the heroes Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Image Comics' Spawn. This story line introduces Spider-Spawn.


The Ultimate EvilEdit

Spawn is watching over the city when Cogliostro approaches him with news about somebody he needs to destroy. He tells Spawn that he must destroy the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, who Cogliostro tells him is the ultimate dark warrior for Satan. Spawn takes his advice and goes to fight Blaze.

Hell WarriorsEdit

Ghost Rider is riding through New York when Spawn attacks him. Ghost Rider fights back in self defense. The two engage into a long battle.

Eventually Spawn had Ghost Rider down and is about to silence him when Venom sees what's going on and attacks Spawn to see how he compared. The two began to fight for a long time. Eventually the Hell suit Spawn wears senses the evil of the alien symbiote and bonds with it on Eddie Brock, who gains the power of a Hellspawn. Venom beats down Al Simmons when Ghost Rider attacks him to drive him away.

Venom leaves with the intent of using his new powers to kill his old foe Spider-Man.

Spider-Man vs. VenomEdit

Venom finds Spider-Man web-swinging through the city and attacks him. They fight, but Spider-Man is easily beaten down. Ghost Rider and Al Simmons arrive, and Ghost Rider helps Spider-Man fight, but Venom eventually kills Spider-Man by beating him to death. Ghost Rider shouts because of what happened and continues to fight Venom.

Heaven and HellEdit

Spider-Man finds himself between Heaven and Hell, unbelieving that he is dead. Spider-Man begins to walk towards Heaven, but then remembers learning about how Johnny Blaze got his powers, and turned towards Hell.

In Hell Spider-Man pleads to the Devil to allow him to return to Earth with the power to defeat Venom. Satan agrees and sends him back to Earth.


Spider-Man returns to Earth as a Hellspawn, with a Hellspawn suit on. Johnny is still fighting Venom when Peter joins into the fight against Venom, and Al is astonished to see what happens. Eventually Peter and Johnny beat Brock down, and the two suits split. The alien symbiote escapes into the sewer, while Simmons' suit returns to him.

Peter, Johnny, and Al talk about what happened, and Peter reveals that he like Simmons will use his Hell powers to help fight evil as Spider-Spawn.

Cogliostro is watching this, but then turns into who he really is, the Violator.