Harry Osborn is the sixteen year old son of Norman Osborn and is the vigilante spiderman. He lives on Earth-4570.



Harry Osborn is the son of Oscorp founder Norman Osborn (Earth-4570) and Emily Osborn. He is popular in school and gets good grades, but he is emotionally distant from his parents and craves his approval.

His only true friend is high school nerd Peter Parker (Earth-4570), who he helps through high school. He is jealous of Peter's close relationship with Norman however.

One day at Horizon Labs, Harry is bitten by a genetically modified spider created by Curtis Conners. As a result, he begins suffering from hallucinations and muscle pain. After awhile however, Harry finds himself with spider like abilities.

Deciding to use his powers for money, he took the identity spiderman and became a wrestler. However, when he had his money cheated out of him he attacked Walter Hardly and a would be burglar who wanted Harry's money. However, when Harry learned Peter's uncle Ben had been killed, he decided to hunt the murderer down. But when he found him, he was shocked to learn Ben's killer was the would be burglar. At that moment, Harry learned that, contrary to his father's teachings, with great power, came great responsibility.

Super heroics and terrible foesEdit

Donning a red and blue spider costume, he makes himself known by capturing jewel thief Max Dillon. However, he is called a menace by J.Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle.

Angry at this, he went to the Daily Bugle to have a talk with Jameson, only to find Max Dillon, now transformed into electro. Barely able to defeat the villain, Harry was overjoyed when he was called a hero by the reluctant Bugle.

His next threat came from fellow student Adrian Toomes, who had used Oscorp science to become the vulture, a hybrid between the animal and a human. In the resulting battle, Peter's girlfriend Gwen Stacy was killed and Peter blamed Harry.

After awhile, a new villain arrived who was the scientist Quentin Beck, who had stylized himself as a villain called mysterio. In the battle, he was infected with a truth serum along with Peter Parker. While not only revealing his identity, he also revealed he caused Peter's uncle's death, making Peter swear vengeance

Friend to foeEdit

While patrolling the city on Christmas, which he hated, Harry is attacked by a scarlet armour clad villain called the iron spider. While Harry was unsurprised that he was attacked on Christmas, he was very surprised to learn this new villain knew nearly everything about him.

The iron spider proved to be Harry's greatest challenge, as the villain could rival his powers with the suit and was far more intelligent. He only managed to defeat him by angering the villain into a blind rage where he was electrocuted in a power station, shutting down the suit. Taking off the mask, Harry was horrified to learn the iron spider was none other than Peter. Handing Peter over to the police, he doesn't notice Peter stealing a sample of his blood.

Sometime later, he is again attacked by Peter as venom. Using Harry's blood, Peter worked with Adrian Toomes to mutated it into a weapon. The result was a living creature that bonded with Peter and granted him the same powers as Harry. Peter proved himself to be stronger than before, as the venom suit had enabled Peter to know Harry's every trick. However, Peter was again defeated through electrocution as the venom suit enhanced his aggression. Harry buried the suit underground and handed Peter over to the police, upset his best friend is officially his greatest nemesis.

The wrong choiceEdit

When Norman Osborn revealed to his son he knew Harry was spiderman, he told him he was proud of him and would like to see what changed in his DNA structure. Trusting Norman, Harry gave his blood to his father.

While out swinging, he was attacked by a foe with spider-like abilities called tarantula. After a gruesome battle, Harry won and learned tarantula was given his powers to kill Harry by Norman Osborn. Angry, Harry went after Norman, who used Harry's blood to mutate himself into a green, goblin like creature.

In a horrific fight to the finish, Harry accidently killed the green goblin.


While fighting Peter, under the new identity of the iron venom, they are attacked by Morlun. Trying to trick him, he fails and is almost stabbed by the villain until the superior spiderman arrived from another dimension. However, Harry refused to run and attacked Morlun, resulting in his death.


Harry Osborn is moderately intelligent, but is not as smart as Peter Parker. He is able to lift over twenty tons and has very good agility and stamina, able to jump up to about eight feet and run quite fast.

He has a form of ESP which he dubs spider-sense, which alerts him of danger. However, it is up to him to figure out where the danger is coming from. It allows him to web swing successfully. He can balance himself perfectly on anything and he had expert reflexes that, combined with his agility, let him do incredible feats.

He also has the ability to cling to any surface, providing it isn't too slippery. He can stick to walls from any part of his body. He can also produce organic webbing and is extremely durable, able to withstand being hit with a car. He also has a slow regenerative healing factor.


Harry's most notably weakness is his pride. Because of it, he can't back down from a fight and will always act without thinking when his pride is threatened. This ultimately led to his death.

Harry's second weakness is his lack of approval from his parents, specifically his father. This would lead him to stupid things, such as giving Norman his DNA, which he used to create tarantula and later turn himself into the green goblin.

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