Chris Lee, or his more known superhero name Ghost-Boy, was a teenage superhero living in central New York City, using his special powers to fight crime and evil. Geneticly inheriting his powers, the rest of Chris' family also had various superpowers. His powers included invisibility, the capability of moving objects without touching them, the ability to communicate with spirits, being able to possess others bodies, draining strength from enemies, and being able to go through objects. He was born to a rich couple wich owned the famous company Lee Industries, because of this he got much attention from news and media.


Early yearsEdit

Chris Lee was the only child and son of George Lee and his wife. As his parents owned Lee Industries the family was very rich, this gave him and his family unwanted fame. His father was the owner of the successfull construction company Lee Industries and his mother was a kind mother. He wasn't aware of his abilities as his parents kept it secret, but one day he discovered his powers. When knowing of it he told his parents about it, they showed him their powers and explained their genetic powers. They lived in an appartment in central New York City wich gave him good opportunities to fight crime at night in a special suit wich was given to him by his parents.

Chris was a shy person, having a hard time meeting new people. He did also not have many friends as he believed most of them were his friend just because of his money. He oftenly read comics such as The Amazing Spider-Man as he was a big fan of Spider-Man. Other hobbies included computer games, reading, piano playing and studying.