These are marvel legends that will be released over the next few year

2017 Edit

Wave One (Spider-man Homecoming) Edit

  • ANAD Spider-man - Comes with alternate hands and Webware watch.
  • ANAD Spider-man 2099 - Comes with alternate hands and Web Cape.
  • Green Goblin - Comes with Pumpkin Bombs, Glider and Norman Osborn alternate head.
  • Vulture - Plug in wings.
  • Mysterio - Comes with alternate hands, Monster Head and smoke peices.
  • Man Wolf - Comes with alternate hands and head.

BAF: The Regent

Wave Two Edit

  • Kaine - Classic costume, cape, alternate hands and alternate head.
  • ANAD Jessica Drew - Modern costume, goggles, jacket, alternate hands and alternate head.
  • Prowler - Modern Costume, alternate hands and head.
  • Silver Sable - Alternate hands and guns.
  • Shocker - Alternate hands and Gauntlets.
  • Overdrive - Alternate hands.

BAF: Scorpio

Spider-Gwen Wave One Edit

  • Spider-Gwen - Alternate hands and head.
  • Captain America - Alternate hands and a shield.
  • Green Goblin - Pumpkin Bombs, Glider and alternate head.
  • Matt Murdock - Alternate hands and Walking Cane.
  • Vulture - Plug in wings.
  • Rhino - Pipe

BAF: Lizard

2018 Edit

Wave One (Forensic Science) Edit

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