Officer Dexter Torino is a corrupt officer and the main antagonist of the Spider man the 2nd movie[Named cause this is a new spider-man not tobey mcguire .He is portrayed by Kel Thompson.He claims that in order to save lives you have to bend rules and he uses this as justification for whatever crimes he commits.It appears he believes in what he says but in reality his unit is so evil that they terrorize innocent civilans in a manner similar to gangs except he has a badge which he flashes as justification for his crimes.He and his crew can kill indiscriminately and steal the profit from the rival gangs.Torino is a polluting influence convincing good cops to abandon their ideals and to assist him in his pursuits.[Officer Kasen is a clear example].He shows a callous disregard for those around him.Especially with Albey Helms[Portrayed by Nick cannon]Aka Spider-man the 2nd.He sees such people as expandable tools and orders Albey to eliminate them if they outlive their usefulness to him.Albey is clearly hesitant to do this as he wants to use his powers for good but Torino coerces him by threatening him with splattering all his brains out.Torino rides with Officer Kasen[Portrayed by Masi Oka]and a third officer who is revealed to be Dominick Natochenny[Played by American Actor and Magician Ricky Jay] Whom Torino Killed To prevent him from leaking his terrorist ties to the public.They also Order new Recruit Chingy Pachenco[Portrayed by Clifton Collins Jr.]To take the blame.Torino has known Spider-man the 2nd for 3 months already.He is killed in cold blood by spider-man the 2nd as he is about to go to a drug meet ordered by the triads Spider-man brutally rips his testicles off causing him to bleed to death.