Dark Webs is an American live action superhero sci-fi movie created by LordPanda and is the brought-into-life superhero film of Spider-Man. This contains edited plot of Sam Raimi`s trilogy with the actors of the TASM cast.

Plot SummaryEdit

High school student Peter Parker visits a genetics laboratory with his best friend Harry Osborn and Peter's love interest, Gwen Stacy. There, Peter is bitten on the hand by a genetically engineered "super spider". Shortly after arriving home to his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, he is rendered unconscious. Meanwhile, Harry's father, scientist Norman Osborn, owner of Oscorp, is attempting to preserve his company's critically important military contract. He experiments on himself with a new but unstable performance-enhancing chemical vapor that hugely increases his speed, strength, and stamina. However, it also drives him insane and he kills his assistant, Mendel Stromm. The next morning, Peter finds that his previously impaired vision has improved and that his body hasmetamorphosized into a more muscular physique. At school, he finds his body producing webbing and that his quickened reflexes let him avoid injury during a confrontation with bully Flash Thompson. Peter discovers he has developed superhuman speed, strength, the ability to stick to surfaces, and a heightened ability to sense danger.

Brushing off Uncle Ben's advice that "With great power comes great responsibility," Peter enters a wrestling tournament to get money to buy a car and impress Gwen. He wins his match, but the promoter cheats him out of the contest money. When a thief steals money from the promoter, Peter allows the thief to escape as revenge. He later discovers his Uncle Ben has been carjacked and shot dead. Peter chases down and confronts the carjacker in a warehouse only to realize it was the same thief he let get away. After Peter disarms him, the fleeing carjacker falls out a window to his death. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn kills several scientists and the military's General Slocum.

Upon starting from school, Peter begins using his abilities to fight injustice, donning a costume and the persona of Spider-Man and he finally gets attention from New York after defeating a big time criminal with the equipment of shockwave, the Shocker.. Loudmouthed newspaper editor J. Jonah Jameson hires him as a freelance photographer, since Peter is the only person providing clear images of Spider-Man.

Norman, upon learning Oscorp's board members plan to sell the company, assassinates them at the World Unity Fair. Jameson quickly dubs the mysterious killer the Green Goblin. The Goblin offers Spider-Man a place at his side, but Spider-Man refuses. At the Osborn and Parkers' Thanksgiving dinner, Norman, unknown to Peter, deduces Spider-Man's true identity; the Green Goblin subsequently attacks and hospitalizes Aunt May.

Gwen admits she has a crush on Spider-Man, who has rescued her on numerous occasions, and she asks Peter whether Spider-Man ever asked about her. Harry, who loves Gwen, arrives and learns she does not feel likewise toward him. Devastated, Harry tells his father that Peter loves Gwen, unintentionally revealing Spider-Man's biggest weakness.

The Goblin kidnaps and holds Gwen and a Roosevelt Island Tram car full of children hostage alongside the Queensboro Bridge. There, he forces Spider-Man to choose who he wants to save, and drops Mary Jane and the children. Spider-Man manages to save both Gwen and the tram car, while the Goblin is pelted by civilians on the bridge showing loyalty to Spider-Man and contempt for the Goblin's evil deeds. The Goblin then grabs Spider-Man and throws him into an abandoned building where they battle with the Goblin gaining the upper hand. When the Goblin boasts of how he will later subject Gwen to a slow and painful death, an enraged Spider-Man overpowers the Goblin, unmasking him.

Norman begs for forgiveness, but his Goblin persona attempts to remote-control his glider to impale Spider-Man. The superhero avoids the attack, causing the glider to impale Norman instead, finally killing him. In his dying breath, Norman tells Peter not to reveal to Harry his father's crimes. Spider-Man takes Norman's body back to Osborn's house and hides the Green Goblin's equipment. At Norman’s funeral, Harry swears vengeance toward Spider-Man, believing him responsible for killing his father, and asserts that Peter is all he has left. Gwen confesses to Peter she is in love with him, but Peter, feeling that he must protect her from the unwanted attentions of Spider-Man's enemies, hides his true feelings and tells her that they can only be friends. As Peter leaves the funeral, he recalls Ben's words about responsibility, and accepts his new life as Spider-Man.

In a post credits scene, Harry is visited by a newbie scientist in Oscorp who offers him such a thing that can brush off Spider-Man from his life. The scientist who claims to be known as Otto Ocktavius takes him to an illegal underground facilty of Oscorp where he presents him 5 mechanical robots he names "The Spider-Slayers," which are able to destroy a whole city. When Harry asks Otto what he will take instead of this robot, he ends the movie by saying, "Tentacles."


  • Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man
  • Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin
  • Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
  • Dane Dehaan as Harry Osborn
  • Sally Field as Aunt May
  • Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben
  • Chris Zylka as Flash Thompson
  • Paul Giamatti as The Shocker
  • Marton Csokas as Dr. Otto Ocktavius

Spider-Man CostumeEdit

Critical ReceptionEdit

Dark Webs received mostly positive reviews by critics upon release with critics praising the performance of Andrew Garfield. The review aggregator film site Rotten Tomatoes reported a 91% approval rating, based on 126 reviews, with an average rating of 7.5/10. The consensus: "A well-chosen cast and sure-handed direction allows Dark Webs to thrill despite revisiting many of the same plot points from 2002's Spider-Man."[222] On Metacritic, as of July 5, the film had received an average score of 85 out of 100, based on 42 critics, signifying "Generally favorable reviews".[223] According to Rotten Tomatoes yearly lists, (by using a weighted formula of the critics review in the site) it was placed number 26th on its list of best comic-book movies in 2012 and was placed number 30th in 2013.

Cast In PicturesEdit

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