Dark Raider (Born Jack Parker) was the son of Spiderman. He was a superhero who had the ablities to create dark zombies and poesess anyone's body.

Training Edit

He was trained by Spider man and Iron man. He learned much from Iron man and even has a similar armor to Iron man's. He started training at the age of 3. Then at the age of 23 he finshed his training.

The Wolf squad Edit

One day the Dark raider met a group of heroes. He joined their team the Wolf Squad. He eventually became leader.

The Raiders Edit

But after 3 years of being leader of the Wolf Squad the team fell apart. Then he joined another team. The Raiders. The team consisted of

* Spider man 
* Ghost Raider
* Iron man

Now that he was reunited with his father and mentor Jack went everywhere with them .

Death Edit

But soon Jack's career would end . During a fight with Doctor Octupus he was impaled in the throat. He died 2 monthes later.


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