I go straight to my room. I walk in my bathroom and look in the mirror. I was totally unprepared for this.

Toxic: You are so totally unprepared for this.

Me: Thanks for the encouragement.

I reach down to grab my glue. I open a cabinet and grab my blow dryer, Liberty Spikes. I put up a spike one by one. After about ten minutes, my whole head was covered in red spikes. I smiled. I put everything back and cleaned my hands. I went into my dresser and took out a wad of cash, I didn't steal, most of the money at least. I took out $30 bucks from what seemed to be $1000. I grabbed my cell phone and skateboard. I jumped out my window, hard fall. I skated on down to my pal Anthony. He was waiting to get a big fat cheeseburger. We sat had a hour long chat, and he left to go with our other friend, Justin. I decided to head to Devon's. He just got Halo 3 and I was itching for a rematch from halo 2, well, before his brother broke it. I played with him and Jolene, who were "studying". I looked in the window before I slipped in and it looked like they were studying each others lips. I won a couple matches. Jolene was leader, it was Jolene 20 kills, me 13, and then Devon had 10. We all talked. Devon arguing how he thinks I shouldn't put up my spikes and Jolene playing with them. It was 6:30, so I left to go meet May. Got there just in time. She was wearing a plaid miniskirt (and when I say mini, I mean mini, if she were to bend down, you could probably see everything you want), black shirt that "Betch!, a red sweater that had a emo band on the back, black and white stripped socks that came up to her knees, red vans, red lipstick, and ponytails. I think it was safe to say she was looking sexy. We went into the movies, bought our tickets. We were watching a movie about the "amazing" spider-man. Tobey looks so lame. But the guy who played Carnage did real good. The movie was over about 2hrs later. All was well, at least till Carnage actually came. He was actually in battle with Spidey. Seems like he was getting hurt bad. I had to find a way to ditch May so I can help him. I told may to go home real loudly. She was freaking out, she seemed like she wanted to do something but couldn't. She said okay and ran to the bathroom instead. I went into the shadows and turned into my symboite suit. I leaped out, kicking Spider-Man as he was about to kick Carnage.

Me: Hey Carnage, I finally got the suit.

Carnage: Ty? That's you? Damn, I was about to get mid-evil on your ass. Thanks for the save anyway.

Me: No problem. I wanna take you up on that offer of creating chaos.

Carnage: Excellent! To do it just go berserk and crazy!

Me: To easy.

We lash out at everything and everyone. Killing, destroying, obliterating, it is fun! We have at least created $20,000 dollars worth of destruction. Seems we picked the perfect day too. It would many others are doing as well. Some villains, some not. Famous or unheard of. We are all teaming up to destroy and fight against the heroes. Carnage and I, Venom, Lizard, Pyro, Juggernaut, Sir Chaos, many of us down from the underground have come today to destroy! It would seem that today was Massacre Day. Some guys yelled it out during fights. Spider-Girl again. A couple of us teamed up to fight her, Spidey, Blade and Ghost Rider. Carnage threw a car at Spider-Girl, followed by Doc Oct. using his metallic tentacle to slap her at Toad, kicked her to rhino who smacked her to my hand. Everyone else was to busy doing other stuff to notice something. Her mask had just fallen off. It was May! She was barely unconscious. Without anyone noticing, I took and ran home. My uit slowly leaked off and she saw me as well. Both covers were blown off. She knocked out quick. I put her on my bed and tended to her wounds. I couldn't really do much other than stop the bleeding. She seemed to be doing well, according to Devon who I had called over. He left an hour later with Jolene. May stayed in my room tonight while I slept on my floor. Tomorrow will not be a great day.

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