Joyce:Tyler!! Don't stay out to late!!

Me:What ever.

Dominick:You know he is going to come back at 6:00 A.M like the past week.

My name is Tyler Osler. I am a fifteen-year old punk. My mom, Joyce Osler, usually is telling not to do things, that I do anyway. My little brother, Dominick Osler, is so annoying and retarded. He usually rats me out.

Tonight I am going down to The Lab. The Lab is a laboratory in the underground. The underground is a area where villains, anti-heroes and some vigilantes live. I hang out there with some anti-heroes. I have done anything to actually get on their list of evil doers, anti-heroes, or vigilantes. I have made some mischief and stole a thing or two but nothing they do.

I arrive at the lab shortly. Inside is a restriction banner. I pull out my pocket knife and slice them. I go down the stairs. I look to my right and there is a table with a jar. Inside the jar is a black and red goo. I slowly examine, understanding that it is a symbiote. I slams at the glass, trying to cling to me. I run out staring back at the lab. I head over to a little bar. Odd here that they don't care how old you are when you enter the bar, but if you are trying to get some alcohol, then they need some ID. I sit down and order a green tea. I look to my right and the television is on. It is a interview with the villain, Carnage. It was asking how he could kill so many people. He suddenly turns into liquid and breaks out of his jail. He kills the reporter and her crew. Nobody seems to care. He happens to break out alot and go crazy. I met him once. He is to tell the truth a really nice guy. He invited me to do some chaos with him when I become a villain, that is if I do. Then the new continues stating that Venom has engaged another fight, but not with Spider-Man. Instead, it is with his opposite, Spider-Girl. She seems to be getting pretty acknowledgment by other heroes. Especially the Avengers. I have for some reason, been offered to join the Avengers and The Chaos Crew. The Avengers have came to me because I have some of the highest test scores in the world. They believe I can help end the battle between good and evil.

The Chaos Crew is a newly legion of Anti-Heroes and Vigilantes. The leader is a new anti-hero, Sir Chaos. His crew, at this moment consist of Shadow, another new anti hero who can use black energy to create natural elements(water,fire,ice,etc.) and Plasma, girl who has a pink and black symbiote suit.

I think about my answer, and know that for either one of them I need to have some kind of ability. I go back to the lab and stare at the symbiote in the glass. I make a move to absorb it, but quickly stop the idea. I turn and head home, but I accidentally knock the glass down. The symbiote is now free. It slides across to me and jumps onto my boot. It begins to spread. I struggle trying to remove it but give up after it takes half my body. It quickly swallows me in. It's black. Something keeps laughing. A face appears.

???:Hahahahahahaha, hello there host.