History Edit

Frederick Myers was an australian mercenary and foe of Spiderman. They first met when he attempted to rob a truck loaded with money on the Queensbourough bridge. spiderman saved rhe day with ease. Later, he is bailed out of prison by the Kingpin to kill Spiderman. this time, things go even worse for Myers as Spiderman dodges a boomerang and flys right back and slices Myers's arm off. Then, instead of going to prison, he is taken to the Crime Master's layer, and is given a robotic arm and a new suit. He, along with Beetle, Vulture and Speed Demon are sent to the Raft to free Doctor Octopus. Their mission is succesful, and him and the rest of the team, except for Vulture and Speed Demon escape to an undisclosed location. Weeks later, he aids Overdrive steal aan experimental drone, and he, Beetle, Doctor Octopus, and Overdrive attack the city. He kidnaps Gwen Stacy and holds here histage on a bridge. Luckily, Spiderman intervenes and saves Gwen. Boomerang attempts to kills Stacy with a boomerang, but misses and it comes back, right into his heart. he is then gunned down by police and falls into the murky waters below.

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