History Edit

Abner Jenkins was a scientist who aided Norman Osborn and Crime Master create super powered beings. He created the Mach I suit, and took the name "Beetle" and went along with Speed Demon, Boomerang and Vulture to free Doctor Octopus from the Raft. He was successful, and during the breakout fought with Iron Man and stole one of his suits of armor. Later, he kidnapped the Cobalt Man and stole his technology and killed him. Weeks later, he recruited Overdrive to his team and they attacked a test for a prototype drone and stole it. He had Overdrive attack the city with it, but the Spider-man interrupted by stealing Overdrive's control sticks, and using them to control the Beetle's suit. He flung him up into the air, and then canceled the power to Jenkins' wings. He intended for Abner to land back on the roof, but instead fell to his death because he had earlier broken Spider-man's web shooters.

Others ended up taking the title, such as the mob boss Leila Davis, and the mercenary Janice Lincoln.

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