Back in Business is the second episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 3.

Previous Episode - Spider-Man's Return

Next Episode - Blizzard


An alarm goes off, and Spider-Man swings to the bank, where Rhino bust in to him, making him fly, but before he crashes, Sandman catches him. Suspecting the Sinister Six, Spidey lets his gaurd down on Rhino and Sandman, giving them a chance to attack him. When they escape, Spidey tries to catch them, but Rhino  knocks him into a car. As he gets up, he notices a broken container of the globulin green.

At school, Peter has his gaurd up for Harry, thinking he's the one using the globulin green. He shows Gwen the container, and she confronts Harry. As Peter leaves school, a limo arrives, and Peter is surpised by the owner, and is asked to get in.

The car stops at Stark Industries and he's taken to Tony Stark, who hires Peter, to help him on his inventions, much to Peter's surprise. Tony tells him he's seen Peter's work, and wants him to help him, and will pay 50$ an hour.

Later that night, Peter hears about the Rhino and Sandman, and rushes off. Tony asks him where he's going, and Peter replies that his aunt needs him to pick up milk. As, he leaves he sneaks off with an electro magnetic bomb, and Tony notices.

Captain Stacy tries to shoot the Rhino, but he charges at him, and Spidey pulls him out of the way. Sandman smashes Spidey into a wall. After a short battle, Spidey uses the electromagnetic bomb, and Sandman falls apart. He then tricks Rhino, and makes him charge into the city power supply, electrocuting him. As Spidey leaves, Tony in his Iron Man armor, is watching him, and states "Looks like Parker is more than just smart.", knowing that Peter is Spider-Man.

Back at Stark Industries, Peter returns, after getting an urgent message from Tony. Now that Tony trust Peter, since he knows his secret, he takes Peter into his secret lab, where he sees the suspended animated state of Steve Rogers, Captain America. 

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